Surf Like A Girl

by Rebecca Heller

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For all my awesome, surf-loving girls out there! THE book has come, and I am wanting you to read it! This book will get you from picking the right wetsuit, to picking a board. And some beach tips on the way. I really hope you will enjoy this book as much as I do!

I really, really like this book. It is just a single book, and the author is amazing! Bethany Hamilton has read the book, and left a comment, and even by the cover, you can tell you are about to go on a journey. . .

I would recommend it to all my lady gals out there who have a passion to surf those gnarly waves, and tame your fears, and have a blast! Starting the with the whitewater will be best, and maybe begin with a foam board. P.S. The boards from Costco are pretty decent. It is your choice, and I do suggest that you'd do research on surfboards! Have a great time!

Priscilla, 12


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