Taking Flight

by Michaela DePrince

Everyone has heard of Misty Copeland, the black ballerina, but have they heard of another one? Well, her name is Michaela DePrince, and she has a story to tell. Despite the horror's of her past, Michaela has really taken flight and proven to people that someone who was judged as the lowest of low, can really rise to the top.

This book is yet another war memoir(I know, what is up with all these war books?), and as unique as How Dare The Sun Rise. Michaela DePrince takes you through the journey from becoming the grand ballerina she is seen as today. Fun fact: This book took place at the same destination as A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah(or, 'The Review My Sister Wrote')

I hope everyone reads inspirational bookS like these, because they will see the world at a different angle than when they first begun the book. Even though war memoirs are hard to read, it really explains the hardship that people might not even heard of. This is what people are doing today: helping kids in Africa who has gone through the same things as Michaela. Horrifying scenes from war. It also has it's fun parts!(young black kids have the weirdest images of white people, "Their hair are different colors like Teacher Sarah's crayons. I heard that you could see the sky in their eyes.")

Priscilla, 12


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