Since you will be receiving community service credit for every 3 qualifying book reviews that you submit, we want to make sure they have more information than just “it was great”.  Here are some guidelines and examples for use in writing your reviews. *We reserve the right to refuse reviews that don't adhere to these guidelines and/or contain inappropriate content.*

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Here's an example: "Two friends, one black one white. One crime, two different endings. Black and White is the story of two friends who commit a robbery so they can buy new basketball shoes, but when it goes wrong they realize how different they are."


Here's an example: "Black and White is an interesting book because it makes you think about how racism is still a part of the world. I like how the chapters were told from two different perspectives because you could really see how it affected each of them differently."


Here's an example: "If you like basketball or real-life stories that make you think, you would love Black and White by Paul Volponi."

Consider these questions as you write your summary:

  • Why did you decide to read this particular book? (For example: like the author; liked the cover; intrigued by the book flap summary; like the genre)
  • What do you think you responded to most as you read the book? The characters? The plot? The setting? The language?
  • Were you surprised you liked this book? If so, why?
  • Could you relate to any of the characters or situations in the book?
  • Would you consider this one of the best books you’ve read this year?
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