Tender is the Night

by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Tender is the Night is a tragic romance novel about an 18 year old actress by the name of Rosemary Hoyt who goes on vacation to the French Riviera. There she meets the handsome Dick Diver, whom she falls in love with. Dick Diver is a psychiatrist who is the doctor and husband of Nicole Warren. The story depicts the life of Dick Diver, in which the wealth he has encountered provokes him into a different lifestyle other than his own.

This book was to a moderate extent, interesting, but it is very difficult to understand. Fitzgerald writes in a very complex and wordy way that actually makes it strenuous to know what is truly happening. This book also doesn't have the greatest plot in the world and it seems as if I was never really intrigued with what was happening.

I do recommend this book if you really admire a complex way of writing in an author, but if you don't, I don't think you will like this very much. I thought that after reading The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald, I would like it a lot. The Great Gatsby has such an interesting and clear plot that the plot. However, Tender is the Night was mildly disappointing but a little disappointing. I know many people who have very much enjoyed this novel, so might as well give it a read. 

Analyss, 17


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