The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

by Sean Covey

In this book, Sean Covey lists the seven good habits that teenagers should adopt for an improved life. He includes most of the typical troubles that people face during their teenage years. 

I liked that Covey wrote this book to help troubled teens make positive changes in their lives. He covered self-image, peer pressure, family and friend relationships, and life goals. Despite his good intentions as a writer, I felt that Covey missed some important aspects of a "troubling" life that some teenagers might face. Most of the tips he gave only applied to teens with an ideal life: financially stable home with caring but strict parents. I felt like he didn't include any problems that teens in more severe situations were going through. While reading this book, I felt like he oversimplified the issues that some teens face and gave vague or counterproductive solutions to his readers. 

This book claims to be the "ultimate teenage success guide," but it only covers a limited number of problems that may only apply to teens in an ideal home. Another issue with this book is that a teenager fighting with his parents over going to a party versus a teenager fighting with his parents over making more money to support the family are two very different things. Covey offers one solution for both of these problems even though his tips may only help the first teenager. Because his solutions are too broad and simple, I wouldn't recommend this to friends who are going through serious problems such as poverty, depression, or bullying. 

Heejeong, 18


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