The Bone Clocks

by David Mitchell

The Bone ClocksThis book centers around the life of Holly Sykes, a seemingly normal girl from England. More importantly, it focuses on the lives that become wrapped up not only in Holly's, but the invisible struggle for power between two immortal, superhuman forces.

This carefully crafted book amalgamates the lives of mortals with those to whom immortality is simply a way of life. In doing so, Mitchell creates a book that both questions and answers how valuable our time on earth is. While some parts may prove to be a bit slow, the overall intrigue of the story is not lost.

The Bone Clocks is yet another title in David Mitchell's impressive repertoire of visionary novels. Enthralling story-telling, true to his style, pairs well with his cunning ability to leave you questioning even the simplest of motives. This newest novel of his is sure to capture those with a love of science fiction and honest realism alike.

Melina, 15


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