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The Dark City

by Catherine Fisher

Dark City coverThe world used to be governed by magic and the Order, who used valuable Relic Boxes to heighten their powers. Now, it is controlled by the Watch, which outlawed all the Makers of the Order and spun lies about them, clouding the truth. Galen and Raffi are two of the last of the Order. Along with mysterious Carys, they travel to the heart of the evil, Tasceron, in order to completely banish the Watch from their land.

This book was average, mainly because it never really held my interest very well. I thought the entire plot was drawn out too long, and I wasn't sure where the entire story line was going until the very end. However, the setting in which the story is placed intrigues me, though I wanted to give up reading multiple times. All in all, I was disappointed with the outcome of The Dark City (the first in the Relic Masters series).

I would recommend this book to those who like sci-fi or fantasy, but if you're in need of something constantly exciting, you might get a bit bored with this.

Erica, 16


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