The Darkness of Dragons

by Tui T. Sutherland

In the next book of the series, Wings of Fire, a two-thousand year old NightWing named Darkstalker has risen from his prison, where he had been buried by his best friend and forever sweetheart. Now he is out and free, rampaging all around Pyrrhia for revenge and world-conquering time. Only six dragonets stand in his way: Kinkajou, Moon, Anemone, Winter, Turtle, and Qibli. This story stars Qibli, a SandWing, while he battles Darkstalker in ways he would never have guessed, face his darkest fears, and battle himself from within.

I was really impressed with this book because the plot is so well thought-out and the characters really well developed. It's also really fascinating to be inside Qibli's brain--he is always thinking at high speeds--because he can read dragons like a scroll and it's interesting to know what he reads off them. Also the book puts fundamental morals into play, and questions the gray areas. Its really cool to read about how Qibli and his friends battle and defeat Darkstalker, because it's a way you would never expect, nor see coming.

I would absolutely recommend this book, The Darkness of Dragons, to anyone who likes a character that's can be related to, has secrets to his past that still need to be found out, and is incredibly, incredibly smart and kind. It's also a good book for people who want to see the bad guy be defeated after several books of him running around unchecked, and who like to think deeply about moral questions such as 'Is it right to take a dark path or murder and oppress when at the end of the road, the world will be a much better, brighter place?'

Keila, 14


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