The Demon's Lexicon

by Sarah Rees Brennan

Demon's Lexicon coverNick and Alan have always been on the run from magicians who are hunting them down. The magicians are after a charm that their mother possesses; sure, they can easily give it away and the chase might stop, but the charm is the only thing keeping their mother alive. One day, Jamie and Mae, neighbors from the house next door, arrive asking for help. Jamie had been marked by demons. Alan, the sweet sensitive one, wants to help them. Nick, the one who is always rough, the one who does all the fighting, the one who really doesn't care about anyone other than Alan, wants to get them far away, especially after Alan becomes marked. Now Alan and Nick have to kill two magicians in order to get the marks off and for the very first time, Nick and Alan are going to the magicians instead of running away from them. Nick is about to learn a secret that has been kept from him his entire life, a secret that will rock his world.

This book was amazing! You'll be glued to the book as the story takes you on an adventure filled with action and surprises that you may never see coming. The characters, Nick especially, are well written; they come to life and seem as real as life itself. When you reach the end, you'll find yourself wishing that the characters were real and you'll find yourself yearning for the sequel.

I would recommend this book to everyone who loves being surprised and is willing to fall in love with these characters. If you like action, adventure, and a story that drags you in with the characters, then you willl love this book.

Jana, 16


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