The Diabolic

by S.J. Kincaid

Nemesis is a word and name that indicates negative influences, just like all the other Diabolic names. Diabolics are soulless, savage creatures, incapable of any human emotion other than love and rage. Or so everyone thought. When Nemesis is sent to the court of her tyrant King, she encounters unexpected situations: a supposedly insane but handsome man, a plot to destroy the king, dark motives, twisted lies, and . . . true love? When it comes down to it, will Nemesis trust what everyone's been telling her, or her heart . . . which tells her she can be something more?

I really enjoyed this book because it was a fantastic story about how a young woman breaks free of what everyone has told her about herself--and what she believed--and chose to be someone SHE wanted to be. Nemesis is also a very interesting character because she's strong and brave, but utterly confused by what her heart is telling her, and her head. But what I didn't like was that there were some sexual references--not a lot, but some.

This is a good book for anyone who likes a cool, strong, karate-chopping girl who finds out who she is only by not listening to the voices she had been listening to her entire life. There is some romance in it too, as an added bonus, which really makes Nemesis's whole world flip upside-down. Also, if you like the victory of a scenario where a tyrant is given his dues and replaced by a better person, this is also a good book. But here's a warning--this book is a little emotionally chaotic, especially at the end (personally, I relish it).

Keila, 14


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