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The Forgotten Sisters

by Shannon Hale

Miri had spent a year in Asland but is just about to return home to her family on Mount Eskel when King Bjorn asks a favor. He agrees to give her the rights to the land of Mount Eskel if she travels to the swamp in Lesser Alva to be a tutor to the King's cousins. Miri learns the tricks to the swamp and becomes best friends with the three sisters- Astrid, Felissa, and Sus. Miri manages to save the kingdom once again from war, knits the royal family back together, and returns to her home of Mount Eskel.

I loved this book because there were so many twists and turns I had not seen coming. This book has a different feel then the other two in the series, but the adventure and romance is definitely consistent.

This book is mostly intended for girls. Be sure to read the other two in the trilogy before reading this one.

Emma, 18


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