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The Great Gatsby

by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby, set in the 1920s, follows Nick Carraway as he becomes acquainted with a mysterious man by the name of Jay Gatsby. Gatsby's dream and ambition for the last five years was to win back the love of his life, Daisy Buchanan, after their love was thwarted when Gatsby was away fighting in World War I. Nick aids in their eventual reunion, which puts Gatsby at odds with Daisy's husband.

This novel is considered by many as one of the greatest American novels ever written, and it certainly holds up to that bar. Although the plot seemingly reflects that of a love story, it really is SO much more. Fitzgerald uses the characters (and Gatsby's dream in particular) to explore deeper themes such as the corruption of the rich and the untruthfulness of love and devotion. I liked the book especially for its memorable characters and the amazingly descriptive writing that Fitzgerald utilizes.

I would recommend The Great Gatsby to people above the age of 13 because the type of writing in this book used to convey themes can be hard to interpret for a younger audience.

Giabao, 15


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