by Stephenie Meyer

The Host is an interesting story about "souls" who get placed in humans (erasing the original human), in order to take over their bodies and eventually the dying Earth. When Melanie, the main character, refuses to leave her body, her and the new soul placed inside of her must learn to compromise and work together to achieve what they want. At first Wanderer, the new soul, treats Melanie as an enemy, and wishes for nothing but Melanie to leave. However, when she begins to share thoughts and feelings with Melanie, Wanderer realizes that what the souls are doing is wrong as she begins to fall in love with Melanie's lover. The two souls go on an amazing story of love and hope to save the world and get back to the one they love.

I enjoyed The Host, because it is not only an interesting story of two conflicting souls, but also a lovers journey during the end of the world. This book is an interesting tale of human empowerment and the strength in their emotions when the world is being threatened.

I would recommend The Host to anyone who enjoys books about love, and the strength of human emotions. If you like love stories filled with action and passion, I highly suggest readind it!

Sara, 14


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