The House of Power

by Patrick Carman

Atherton, an artificial world, is a three layer world that includes The Highlands, The Tabletop, and The Flatlands. The Highlands sank into The Tabletop and war erupted and now The Tabletop is sinking into The Flatlands. In The Flatlands, there are creatures called Cleaners that will eat every thing in their paths. The Highlands and The Tabletop must unite to defeat them.

I enjoyed reading The House of Power. It was good because it described what it might be like to live in any of the three levels on Atherton. It taught what might happen if the industrial race continues and we don't give Earth's resources time to replenish before we use them again and that we will eventually run out of resources on Earth. We might have to rely on machines to keep us alive and not be able to go outside because of the bad air quality and pollution.

This book takes place around 2105 and Atherton has been completed. It tells of a futuristic time where the Earth has become overly polluted and the sky is black which is why it is named The Dark Planet. I would recommend it to science fiction lovers. It it a great start to the Atherton series. It is one of the best books of science fiction I have ever read. 

Stone, 11


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