The Iliad

by Homer

IliadThe Iliad is a classic book that every student must read sometime in his or her life. Although very extensive in length and inclusive of historical details, Homer incorporates parts into his presumed poem that everyone will enjoy. From the runaway love affair of the beautiful Paris and Helen, to the fight for glory between Achilles and Hector, to the battle amongest gods and their patrons. This book is a good excuse to read some ancient history, without being stuck reading an actual history book.

The biggest problem I had with this book, is that it was very long and very hard for me to comprehend. It is definitely a book that calls for a great reader with a lot of determination to complete the book.

I would only recommend this book to those who seek after one of the classics or want to read about ancient Greek history. This is definitely the perfect book if that is the case; if not, and you are not someone who enjoys long books or history, I would not recommend this book. The only reason I read it was for academic purposes in which it was mandatory that I read it. Although I did not necessarily enjoy the book, I am glad that I read for the sake of achievement. I can now say that I have read the Iliad.

Mackenzie, 15


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