The Iron Thorn

by Caitlin Kittredge

Iron Thorn coverAoife has an unfortunate history: her mother is crazy and locked in an asylum, and her brother, who contracted the deadly Necrovirus that runs in the family, ran away from his asylum and is now a convict. Now, as she nears her 16th birthday, a note from her elusive brother appears with the words "Find the witch's alphabet. Save yourself". Deciding to run away from her life at a steampunk engineering academy, Aoife embarks on a journey that will save her from the Necrovirus that will soon rip her of her sanity.

To me, The Iron Thorn was an average book. It dwelled a lot on the witchcraft factor that kind of took away from the entire "steampunk" genre, which is supposed to be relating to Victorian futuristic machinery and engineering. If I had to say, this book was a mix of "Faerie" fantasy, steampunk, some romance, and a dash of horror too.

If you enjoy steampunk, magic, or darker books, you would like this one. If you're kind of squeamish, stay away! And by all means, do not read at night alone like I did!

Erica, 16


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