The Joy Luck Club

by Amy Tan

Joy Luck ClubFour Chinese mothers start the "Joy Luck Club" where they meet to play mahjong, eat and talk.  Each woman has a Chinese American daughter counterpart they struggle to connect with while also dealing with their painful memories in China. Each woman has a story, some sad, others heart-wrenching and all deal with their struggles to bridge the gap between Chinese and American culture and the relationships between the mothers and daughters.

I liked how the author tied all the stories together into one coheisive whole and used the lives of 7 women to tell the story of all immigrant families. Each vignette is powerful and meaningful while also relating to the novel's meaning as a whole.

I would recommend it because it provides a new perspective on the difficulties of communicating between two very different cultures and really gets into the minds of each narrator instead of letting them be just vessels for the author's story.

Rebecca, 17


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