The Kill Order

by James Dashner

The Kill OrderThe prequel to the Maze Runner, The Kill Order is the story of how the sun flares ruined society, how the Flare came to be. Taking place before any of the trials, it follows Mark, a survivor, and his tight group of friends as the insanity that is the Flare is unleashed and they search for answers.

At first I was a bit hesitant while reading it, I was being introduced to new characters which is not the most fun. After forcing myself to pour over the first dozen chapters (there are 67 but it goes by fast) I found myself becoming intrigued with the plot. I like how James Dashner is able to use words to form imagery in my mind's eye. With the occasional Dashner plot twist, I loved learning more about the back story with The Kill Order.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes dystopian stories such as the Hunger Games or Divergent. If you like a good action story that's laced with romance and mystery, you'll love this amazing prequel. Or if you just like to get away with a good fiction, this is a good choice to do so. Warning though, you should read the other three Maze Runner books before this one; semi-spoiler alert.

Desiree, 14


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