The Kite Runner

by Khaled Hosseini

As a wealthy child in Afghanistan, Amir reads stories with his young servant Hassan, competes in the annual kite fighting contest, and constantly wishes for the approval and attention of his father. As a young adult in the United States, Amir tries desperately to forget the past and the guilt that he cannot let go of. But after he receives a phone call one day, he is summoned to return to Afghanistan and face what he did long ago. 

This book is extremely emotional. Some events in the book are shocking, frustrating, harrowing, and depressing. That being said, this an excellent book that deals with complex themes such as redemption, loyalty, race, and innocence. 

Everyone should read this book sometime in their lives. While the topics are serious, the writing is not difficult. In fact the contrast of the simple style of the book almost makes the tragic events more horrible. This novel leaves the reader thinking for many days after finishing it. 

Juila, 18


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