by Jack Heath

The Lab coverAgent Six of Hearts is the best and youngest field agent in the vigilante force, The Deck, fighting against the evil government ChaoSonic that has corrupted the continent. The world is filled with an impenetrable fog, creating pollution and sickness--it's a miracle if one can live to 60. As an old enemy that was supposed to be crushed rises up once again, it's up to Six to stop them from creating a weapon of mass destruction that will allow ChaoSonic to gain complete control of not only their continent, but the world.

I loved this book for the action scenes. What's more exciting than a teenage spy in a dystopian world? Heath caught me by surprise in many of the twists and turns in this book, and every character is both memorable and likeable.

Anyone who likes the Alex Rider series (spies) or even the Hunger Games (dystopia) would enjoy this book.

Erica, 16


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