by Tracey Chevalier

coverThis fictional historical novel is based on five tapestries: Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch and Sound. The tapestries are designed in the novel by Nicholas Des Innocents. Nicholas is a self- centered artist who only cares about his artwork and women. Claude De Viste is a girl who has a desire for Nicholas but as a noble woman; she must be separated from him.

This was a good a novel because Nicholas's view of women is an example of how women were seen during the 1400's in France. The novel also has different narrators and changes in the setting which keep it interesting. Not only does this novel focuses on paintings but also tapestries, which shows the function the painting has in weaving the tapestries.

I would certainly recommend this book  to anyone who loves art and the true strength of women. However, you don't need to love art to love this novel. The novel offers more than art history but also tells many romance stories which are perfectly intertwined with each other. The novel contains a lot of irony due to the many narrators. I strongly suggest this book to readers above the age of 14, because this novel does contain some intense scenes.

Lauren, 16


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