by Paul Pen

This haunting tale is of a little boy and his family that remain unnamed throughout the story. The main character who is referred to as Boy lives with his parents, brother, sister, and grandmother in a basement which is locked from the inside. Everyone in his family except him are disfigured due to a fire before his birth leaving Sister doomed to wear a white mask to cover her burns. After the birth of his sister's baby everyone begins to act secretive and leaving Boy with the question of where it could have come from. Boy is given a secret mission by his sister to find a way out of the basement and escape their Father who she swears is the father of her child. Boy sets out to find who is the real monster in his family and save his little nephew from them all.

The Light of the Fireflies is a very attention grabbing story that shows the lengths a family would go to for the safety of their loved ones. I liked how none of the characters had names because it added a sense of mystery.

I would recommend this book to older teens who want to read about mystery, suspense, and slight child abuse.

Emily, 15


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