The Lovely Bones

by Alice Sebold

Lovely Bones coverA teenage girl, Susie Salmon, gets raped and killed by her own neighbor. She tried calling out for help but nobody heard her. Throughout the entire book, the only one who suspects that the neighbor did it is her sister, Lindsay. Susie's parents' marriage falls apart because of Susie's death and they get divorced and end up together in the end again.

I really enjoyed this book because it's full of mystery. It makes you think about who you can and can't trust. It's a perfect example of the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover" because she thought he was a nice guy but he turned out to be a rapist.

I would recommend it to those who like mystery, crime, and love affairs. There isn't a single page in this book that doesn't have one of the three.

Safiro, 16


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