The Making of a Navy Seal

by Brandon Webb

This book is about the amazing journey of the author, Brandon Webb, on becoming a Navy Seal(hence the title). Through the first couple chapters, you really get into Brandon's life, and you can really see the changes from when he was a vigorous sportster to one of America's Deadliest Snipers. Through the difficulty of his father, and getting a spot into the Navy Seal training, Brandon Webb's story is a truly interesting tale. A story worthy of telling your friends. 

I really like this book because you explore the HARD-core training the recruits have to go through. In order to graduate onto the next level, they have to go through a really hard training week. Guess what it's called(c'mon, it may be easy. . .). Hell Week. That's right, not nonfiction no more. Though it seems like it might be the hardest thing in life(probably is), the funny thing is, it is the most interesting thing in the book. It might not be for you. But there's one way to find out. . . 

Anyone can read this great, powerful book. Get the excitement of the capturing of al-Qaeda, and the terror of 9/11. I think this book is a great nutshell capturing all the military training, and Brandon Webb must be a great author, father, and sniper. After you read this book, I can totally assure you that it will change your mind about looking at Navy Seal's walking around. R-e-s-p-e-c-t.

Priscilla, 12


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