The Maze Runner

by James Dashner

The Maze RunnerOne group of friends, one maze, and only one way out. The Maze Runner is a story of a group of kids who are trapped in a maze trying to find their way out. Secrets begin to unravel as they move farther into the maze.

The Maze Runner was one of the best books I have read due to its action, adventure, and drama. It was a good page-turner and I am very glad that I got the opportunity to read this book. I like how the author uses descriptive words and phrases to help imagine the scene better.

I would highly recommend this book to readers who love adventure books, with a touch of romance. Its keeps you at the edge of your seats, waiting to know what happens next. I would recommend this book to readers ages 13 and up due to the violence and slight crude language.

Sara, 14


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