The Miniaturist

by Jessie Butron

The Miniaturist takes place in 1600's Amsterdam and describes the story of Nella Oortman. Nella, at eighteen years old, marries a distant, yet wealthy merchant trader named Johannes. Johannes gifts Nella a miniature replica of their home. To fully complete the small house, Nella enlists the help of a local miniaturist. However, the miniaturist continues to send Nella packages of figurines that mimic the family and their secrets in sinister ways. The miniaturist, it seems, is the only person to see the oncoming hazards and the perilous fate of the family.

This book was very enjoyable and I liked it very much. It perfectly reflected the sorrow and mystery that life can bring. The author perfectly captured the sullen mood of the story.

I would definitely recommend The Miniaturist to others, especially those that enjoy historical fiction. I encourage others to read it because of its raw emotion and tumultuous plot line.

Bethany, 15


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