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The Mysterious Benedict Society

by Trenton Lee Stewart

This book was about a man named Leopathdra Curtain who invents a machine called the Whisperer. Mr. Benedict, his brother who invented the Reciever, puts together a team of children to go to his school, the Institute, and stop him. The kids names are Constance, Kate, Reynie, and Sticky (George).

It was good because of how it projected the future. I liked it because it was like a science fiction book and mystery in one. It had a few futuristic machines like the Whisperer which can project thoughts into people's minds and make them think certain phrases.

I would recommend this book because it has cliffhangers between chapters, it leaves off at a exciting part. People who like mysteries should enjoy this book. It has parts that science fiction lovers would like. One example is that a machine can do a brain sweep and erase all memories. That type of machine hasn't been invented yet!

Stone, 13


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