The Princess Academy

by Shannon Hale

In the kingdom of Danland, a prince comes of age and the chief official selects a province that the princess will be selected from. This time, the territory of Mount Eskel is chosen, which is filled with rough mountain girls, so a princess academy is organized to prepare the girls. Miri, the main character, is one of these girls who attends the academy and learns about what it takes to be a princess, from reading to poise and conversation.

I love this book because Shannon Hale whips up a great story that is original but still incorporates the best qualities of popular books- romance, courage, and adventure. This is my favorite of Shannon Hale's books!

I would recommend this book to girls who like princess type books, though just about anyone would like it because it isn't your typical princess story. I have personally recommended it to many people and all have loved it.

Emma, 18


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