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The Prophet of Yonwood

by Jeanne DuPrau

Prophet of YonwoodIn the prequel to the City of Ember series, Nickie, an eleven year-old tries her best to complete her three goals. One of her goals is to help save her almost destroyed world. The story follows her ups and downs in the town of Yonwood, where the Prophet was said to see into the future of the world.

This was not my favorite book. I did not really enjoy the plot and I did not find the prequel to why the City of Ember was built very interesting. I did enjoy how at the end, all of these loose ties and unknown facts came together, but the whole book was not as interesting.

I would recommend this to a younger audience. I think that they would enjoy the plot and characters more than I did. If you enjoyed the City of Ember, then I cannot guarantee that you will enjoy this book because it is not the same characters or story. I would recommend it to anyone who is curious to know why the City of Ember was built.

Chanel, 15


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