by Bernhard Schlink

Reader coverThe Reader, written by Bernhard Schlink, is a book that talks about inapprpiate
relationships. The main character, Michael , becomes enthralled by Hanna, a
woman is his neighborhood, who is twice his age. Fifteen year old Michael lies
to his parents, goes back to school, and even sells his prized stamp collection
for his new lover, Hanna. This book has two parts. At the beginning, Michael is fifteen when he firsts meets Hanna, but is later in his twenties when he finally sees Hanna again.  Michael finds out why and where Hanna disappeared.

I would recommend this book to teens who enjoy a good mystery, and if you pay close attention you can solve the mystery. However this book does contain intense scenes. Remember, Michael and Hanna do have a inappropriate relationship. This book was a fast read book because of the awesome mystery - it's a total page turner!  There is also a movie with the same name based on this book.

Lauren, 16


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