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The River

by Gary Paulsen

Brian Robeson, who was forced to live alone for several weeks in the wilderness, is on his next life-threatening quest through the woods. When asked by the government to show them how he was able to survive, Brain agrees and goes back to the forest accompanied by a psychologist named Derek Holtzer. But when a freak storm hits them out of nowhere and everything goes wrong, Brian is once again fighting for his life on a trek to also save the life of his friend.

This was a really fantastic book. It had some really interesting psychological elements to it, but it definitely wasn't lacking in action, either. It's a striking story of the relationship between man and nature, and how for Brian it's not man v.s. nature, but nature shaping man for survival.

I would recommend The River to anyone who enjoys a good survival story. This is also a good book for anyone who enjoys a psychological explanation, the story of what's going on in the main character's brain.

Keila, 14


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