by Cormac McCarthy

The Road coverBoth a father and a son head south through desolate America after an apocalypse occurs. The father and son, both nameless throughout the story, create a false sense of hope that down south the weather will be warmer and other people will be there. Whether either truly believed it is up to the reader. The father's sole reason for remaining alive is to help show his son how to survive in a world that, for the most part, is dead.

I did enjoy reading this book because it was an amazing story that demonstrates parental love. The only thing that I did not like from this book was the mother's lack of courage to keep on living right from the start. A good example to never give up would be this father and his young son.

I would most definitely recommend this book to anyone who is mature enough to withstand some gruesome scenes that although not vividly described, are shocking. This is an easy, fast read so it would not consume much of the reader's time. I would recommend you try reading it in one sitting because it is very fast paced.

Maribel, 16


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