The Shining

by Stephen King

The shining

A fairly dysfunctional family has to stay together in a hotel cut off from the rest of the world for the summer. This hotel is infested by an evil spirit, one the young son of the family has many harsh encounters with. Danny, the boy, has a special ability, one this evil desperately wants.

The Shining is a thrilling book because the way Stephen King writes the different characters' perspectives provides insight into so many things. How the hotel begins to take over Jack's mind. How terrifying the nightmares that 'Tony' brings for Danny. How the survival instinct of a mom kicks in when her son is in danger. It dives deeper than a simple horror story.

If you like horror, the slow spread of insanity, and supernatural evils, then you would enjoy The Shining by Stephen King.

Mischa, 14


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