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The Sun Also Rises

by Ernest Hemingway

This novel takes place after WWI, where most of the main characters, such as Jake, were soldiers in war and therefore received war trauma. The novel is mostly about how these soldiers self-medicate with alcohol, and how they can never fully be themselves again.

I enjoyed this book, due to the fact that the novel talked about the soldiers after a war, and how the war changed these men. The war also affects a woman named Brett who seems to be a modern woman during that time period and has a relationship with Jake. My least favorite part was when Brett used Jake to get to Romero, and I felt disgusted towards Brett.

I would gladly recommend this book to everyone. This book does contain some mature content, such as self-medicating with alcohol, and the effects of war on soldiers. This novel explores the minds of once stable men and woman who become anger-filled and depressed people.

Lauren, 17


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