by Sarah Dessen

Macy is a teenage girl who is suffering from the death of her father during one of their daily runs. She gives up running and keeps to herself. Her boyfriend Jason doesn't listen to her about her unhappiness. He is away at camp, and she sends him an email telling him she loves him. Jason rejects her love and tells her they need a break. Macy is hurt but then she finds a job catering food where she befriends her coworkers. Wes and Kristiy learn throughout the story of the toubles Macy is facing. Wes and Macy begin to play a game called Truth where they revel their secrets to each other. They connect more and later throughout the story they become a couple after some obstacles.

The Truth About Forever is an interesting book. It makes you realize that not letting your feeling out damages you emotionally and physically. I love how Dessen tells Macy's story heartfully.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good romance story or a book that gives a good life lesson. You should really consider reading this book.

Carina, 14


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