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Things Not Seen

by Andrew Clements

Things Not SeenThings Not Seen is about a teenage boy named Bobby who wakes up one day and discovers that he's invisible. When the police get involved with his unique (or is it unique?) situation he has to learn how to survive in a world where people are frightened by the unusual. Will Bobby ever become visible again? Or will he have to stay this way forever, lonely and isolated from everyone but the ones closest to him?

I like this book because it shows how people view things differently. When Alicia meets Bobby she thinks he's just a normal person because she's blind. Everyone else, on the other hand, freaked out when they heard or felt Bobby, but didn't see him.

I would recommend this book because it's good and interesting to think about things from different perspectives. People who like science fiction with a little bit of suspense would probably like this book. 

Julia, 13


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