This Star Won't Go Out

by Esther Earl, Lori Earl, Wayne Earl, and John Green

This book is Esther Earl's life. Journal entries, notes, everything. Esther Star Earl was diagnosed with cancer at age 12. In 2010 at the sweet age of 16, Esther passed away. Even though it may seem like a sad tale, Esther is a very interesting girl. You get to understand her, and laugh at her journal entries, and you get to know her. How many of you people have read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green? Yeah, well John dedicated that book to Esther. God bless you, Esther Earl;) 

I have to be honest(on a public site, seriously?) with you guys, I cried in the ending because Esther died. I mean, I knew it would happen, but you get so attached. Don't get discouraged, you should still read it. Honor those who have passed. It was a great, touching book. 

Anyone could read this, but those who want to connect with someone you never expected to, should read this book. Esther also has her own YouTube page:cookie4monster4/user/ google it. 'Tis easier) Hope you love it as much as I do!

Priscilla, 12


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