This World We Live

by Susan Beth Pfeffer

This World We Live InThis World We Live In is a companion novel to both Life As We Knew It and The Dead & The Gone, and continues the story of what happened after a meteor collided with the moon and catastrophically altered the earth's climate. Miranda Evans, the main character from the first book, narrates the hardships of living in a destroyed world where leaving can be forever and where almost everyone you know is dead. Alex, the narrator from the second book shows up at Miranda's door with her father and her stepmother. He and Miranda begin a catastrophic and sad relationship that causes only more heartbreak.

I really enjoyed this book almost as much as the  first two. This World We Live In provided a very interesting storyline. I was very excited to see both of the narrators from the previous books meet and fall in love, but as the story progressed, it became a little predictable and cheesy. Overall, it was a good book filled with many tragic events that often made it hard not to cry.

I would recommend this book to others who have read the previous books and who cannot get enough of this author's work.  I would also recommend it to people who like sad and tragic stories, and for those who can handle death and disturbing parts. This World We Live In is suitable for both guys and girls, because it is not solely based on romance, but the will to survive and help your family through tough times.  

Daisy, 17


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