by Sarah J. Mass

Throne of GlassWhat would you do if you were held in a prison and all it took to gain your freedom was to win a competition? However this isn't a normal competition, you are competing to become the King's Assassin. For Celaena, this should be a breeze considering she is the most famous assassin at the age of 18. But there is so much more to her than just killing and her competitors are about to find out.

This was by far my favorite book of 2014, it was just so action packed and I loved how they didn't just make a love triangle. This author did an amazing job on creating the main character who just didn't take any hate from anyone and would just put them in their place; while maintaining the balance of her being intelligent and well-spoken.

I would recommend this book for anyone who has the read the Hunger Games series or Gracling series. Also if you like the books with a strong heroine character this is definitely for you.

Audrey, 17


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