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Tiger Lily

by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Tiger LilyTiger Lily is a retelling of the Peter Pan story, but this time focusing on the native girl Tiger Lily. The novel describes her strength and her uniqueness, a uniqueness that often keeps her distanced from her tribe, and longing for adventure. Soon she finds herself involved with the tribes most feared enemies Peter Pan and his lost boys. Tiger Lily immediately falls for their fearless leader Peter and is faced with the decision to run away with him to live a life of adventure, or to remain with her tribe and follow what is expected of her as the shaman's daughter.

I loved this book, in every single way, the story was absolutely captivating, and the characters where absolutely endearing and lovable. The story line was absolutely brilliant because it provided a fresh new version of a story that most of us are familiar with. Overall the novel was just amazing and i found myself at the edge of my seat waiting to know what would happened to Peter's and Tiger Lily's love.

Yes, I would very much recommend this book to everyone, the story is not to love-dovey and filled with adventure so both girls and boys would enjoy reading this book. I would probably recommend it to someone whose read or watched the original Peter Pan because this novel provides a whole new different side of him that is not explored in those other previous works.

Daisy, 17


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