by Mitch Albom

Morrie was Mitch Albom's favorite college professor and the story starts off with Mitch's flashback to his graduation in which he says goodbye to Morrie, promising to keep in touch. Sixteen years after his graduation, Mitch discovers that Morrie has been diagnosed with ALS. From then on, Morrie and Mitch meet every Tuesday to talk about life, love, regrets, and the world.

Tuesdays With Morrie is an absolutely amazing story. It is filled with despair, but also shows a great bond between an old teacher and student. This opens the audience's eyes out to the real struggle of ALS and what individuals truly have to go through.

This book is great for everyone. I highly recommend everyone read it especially if you are one who participated in the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge;" it displays the symptoms of ALS and what loved ones have to go through.

Analyss, 17


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