Two-Way Street

by Lauren Barnholdt

Two-Way StreetWhat's a girl to do when her boyfriend dumps her for a girl online and is
forced to go on a cross country road trip with him to college by her parents?
Nothing. And that is exactly what Courtney does. When she met Jordan she never would have expected to turn him from a womanizer into an adorably committed boyfriend. And suddenly there she was heartbroken that a guy she loved could of so coldly said its over. But then again, there are always two sides to to every breakup.

This book was pretty hilarious more than I would say romantic overall. It had an alright plot and really lovable characters that had you snickering the whole time.

I would recommend it just because any person could relate to the romantic complications of Courtney and Jordan. Also this book shows how often miscommunication can play in any relationship, whether it be family, friends, or love.

Audrey, 16


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