by Scott Westerfeld

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Tally is a girl who can't wait to be 16, because when she does, she will be turned "pretty". Where Tally lives, everybody over the age of 16 looks the same; perfect skin, bones remade to the exact length, perfect everything. But Tally's wish is slowly crushed and turned into something else when she meets Shay, who wants Tally and her to run away to a mysterious boy in the wilderness, and never turn pretty.

I thought this book was very good and thrilling. The author seemed to have the setting in the future; where North America is long history, and the 10 billion people who lived there, 300 years before this new government and society, were called "rusties".

I would recommend this book to people if you like future-settings with some rebellion and excitement.

Cailin, 11


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