by Scott Westerfeld

UgliesTally Youngblound lives in a futuristic society where all citizens are considered "ugly" until they undergo a surgery making them "pretty" at age 16. She declines this transformation after meeting a gal named Shay, who before leaving, tells her of a different, more interesting and rebelling life. Tally is then blackmailed by the leaders of the society, Special Circumstances, to find Shay or else never become pretty. This launches her into an adventure as a spy, whilst learning the deep secrets of her world that definitely aren't pretty. 

Uglies was a very good novel in many ways, but what stood out to me was the world it took place in. It really made me contemplate about an attractive future and how easily it could be manipulated. Aside from that, this book was very well detailed in its technology, and it moved at a quick pace despite its length.

Overall, this is an excellent novel for anyone who needs their dystopian fix. Anyone who enjoys sci-fi fiction would get a knack out of it, too.

Jakob, 15


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