by Sarah Rees Brennam

UnspokenKami has fallen in love with her imaginary friend, a boy who has talked in her head ever since she can remember. Then suddenly, a boy with the same name and personality appears before her. At the same time, brutal animal killings are beginning to surface in her small town, and it's up to Kami and her cohorts to straighten things out.

I liked it! It's like a modern Gothic novel that was both excruciatingly good and sort of disappointing (but I can't tell you why). The characters were well-developed and the surprisingly dark, fantastical story behind the town (Sorry-in-the-Vale) was rather intriguing. I await the sequel with bated breath!

Girls will probably prefer this more due to the romance involved, but due to the surprising twists and turns as well as the darkish flavor of the story, guys may enjoy this book as well. If you get spooked easily, you might want to read this one in the daytime.

Erica, 17

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