by Jeff Sampson

Vesper coverEmily Webb doesn't fit in anywhere. She doesn't talk much, is best friends with the most sarcastic girl in school, wears sweatshirts every day, and watches movies as her daily diet. Suddenly, strange things begin to happen to her: starting with the night her classmate, Emily Cooke, is murdered. That same night, she is hit by a spur-of-the-moment urge to sneak out her window, only to look down and realize just a few moments before, her personality turned into someone (or something) completely different. Confused and scared, Emily realizes that there's something different about her that separates her from possibly humanity itself, and that someone is out to get her. 

I would give this a 3.5 if I could, mainly because although the plot was confusing, I couldn't put this book down and immediately scoured through the sequel afterwards. Firstly, the thing that bugged me the most was how exactly Emily came to the conclusion that she was (SPOILER ALERT) a werewolf. Maybe I missed something, but I genuinely thought she had some sort of Jekyll and Hyde syndrome until she, well, sprouted fur. Despite my confusion, however, there is something about this book that wouldn't let me put it down. Maybe it was the plot action, or the interesting book setup. 

This 'drive' to gallop through the book is what I think has made a lot of books (such as Twilight and The Hunger Games) famous. I think that this itself warrants at least a peek at the first couple of chapters, so werewolf-lovers, make sure to pick up a copy the next time you stop by at the library!

Erica, 16


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