by S.J. Kincaid

VortexEver wanted to have a computer in your head that allows you to do practically anything? Well, now you can (in a way.) In this futuristic book, Tom Raines and his friends are 99.9% human, with that 0.1% being part computer. They are part of a government branch that helps the military defeat the Russo-Chinese in World War III. There are many friends and enemies along the way (some more than others.) Then Tom is forced to make a decision between betraying his country and saving his friends. What will he decide? Read Vortex to find out.

It was very good. It had a lot of action, witty humor, suspense, and just plain awesomeness.

I would recommend this book to anybody, not just the people who like sci-fi. It is just that good.

Hieu, 14


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