by Jenny Han

We'll Always Have Summer coverBelly is finally in a loving, committed relationship with Jeremiah in college. So he decides to pop the question after 2 years of dating and they decide to head down to Cousins Beach to plan the wedding. However, they did not expect to run into Conrad who is staying at the beach house. Then, Conrad tells Belly he made a mistake ending the relationship with her and still has feelings for her. She finally has to confront her feelings for both of them and choose.

I totally loved this book!!! There are a bunch of laughs, twists, heartbreak I never saw coming even for a second. I think this is one of the few books, that when it ended I felt happy about it like it was the perfect ending.

YES, read it! If you don't you will regret it. It has some really good lines in there that are unforgettable. It kind of reminds me of a Sarah Dessen book because the outcome is totally unpredictable.

Audrey, 15


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