Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

by Grace Lin


​Minli is a young girl who lives in a poor village on Fruitless Mountain. Her father always tells stories while her mother wishes to be rich. One day, Minli meets a goldfish who tells her about a mysterious old man known as the Old Man on the Moon who knows everything and will answer her questions (as Minli wants to find out how to change her family's fortune.) She sets out on a quest to find him, encountering many friends and stories along the way. But the Old Man on the Moon can only answer one question, and Minli has several, along with a friend's one question. What question will she ask?

It was good book, in a cultural sort of way. There wasn't really a lot of action in the story, but plenty of folktales. It didn't grab my attention as other books did.

Hieu, 14