Book Review Points to Ponder 

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  • Are you a Review Crew member?
  • Are you thinking of joining but not sure where to begin when it comes to writing book reviews?


Well here are some points to ponder when you're writing a book review from Heather Booth, Literature & Audio Service Librarian at the Downers Grove Library. The most important thing to remember is that when writing a review you're not just retelling the story. You're trying to help other readers decide if the book is worthy of their time and WHY. Move beyond "I love it/I hated it" by considering these suggestions...

  • My first impression of this book was...
  • Compared to other books in this genre, this book was...
  • The writing is similar to this author/this book...
  • Who do you think the author was trying to read?
  • Who will want to read this book?

The CHARACTERS were...believable, boring, flat, interesting, likeable, multi-dimensional, one-sided, recognizable, unrealistic

The DIALOGUE was...realistic, over-the-top, funny, witty, rough, melodramatic, subtle, serious

The PLOT was...familiar, gripping, complex, fast paced, unique, contemplative, simple, slow

Here are some DESCRIPTIVE WORDS & PHRASES you might use to describe a book... entertaining, lyrical, compelling, slice-of-life, memorable, pass-along, if you enjoyed_____, down to earth, can't put down, must-read, daring, well told, page-turner, discussable, controversial, not for fans of ______, plodding, readable, bland, high-interest.

Now go write reviews!!  And if you haven't joined the Review Crew yet, be sure to do that first!